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NGN Media Services


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 NGN Multimedia Services

The next generation telecommunications network (NGN) based on an IP platform is expected to enable advanced multimedia services such as those in Table 1.

Multiparty multimedia conferencing

Multiple parties interact using voice, media streaming/video, and/or data. Customers can converse with each other while displaying visual information.

Collaborative computing

Computer resources, documents, applications, and groupware tools can be shared for interactive work efforts.

Distance learning

Users can take interactive courses from remote locations. These courses can be offered in either a computer-based training or live virtual classroom environment.

Data services

Real-time establishment of data connectivity between endpoints, providing new switched circuit flexibility for customers who had previously been limited to pe manent circuits.

Virtual private network (VPN)

Data VPN services expand upon the traditional PSTN VPN services and provide added security and networking features that allow customers to use a shared IP network as a closed user group.

Public network computing

Businesses and consumers utilize generic processing and storage capabilities provided by the net work for such activities as hosting web pages; storage, maintenance, and backup of data; andapplications access.

Information brokering

Services that enable consumers to be matched with providers through advertising, finding, and providing information. For example, consumers could receive information based on pre-specified criteria or based on personal preferences and behavior patterns in addition to direct subscription.


Businesses and consumers can purchase goods and services electronically over the network. This could include processing transactions, verifying payment information, providing security, and possibly trading for goods and services. Consumer services include Home Banking and Home Shopping. Business-to- business applications include supply-chain management and knowledge management applications.

Interactive games

Consumers can meet online and play video games interactively complete with a set of interactive communication tools.

Table 1. NGN multimedia services

Within this context, basically three kinds of applications can be distinguished:

         Elastic applications: Generate discrete media traffic(e.g. file transfers, www)
         Adaptive applications: Generate continuous media traffic (e.g. video and audio),
         Critical applications: Generate continuous media traffic (e.g., teleteaching, teleconferencing, medical telediagnostics, video/entertainment on demand, and distributed games )
         intolerant applications (e.g., interactive games, some control applications)
         tolerant applications (e.g., interactive voice applications).




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