TACS  Delivers the Insight and Vision on Technology for Strategic Decisions

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About Us: TACS

TACS has the ambition and the capacity to be become one of the leading consultancies in the field of information technology and communications (ICT).

The heart of our consulting spectrum comprises strategic, organizational, and technology-intensive tasks that arise from the use of new information and telecommunications technologies. 
The major emphasis in our work is found in innovative consulting and implementation solutions which result from the use of modern information and telecommunications technologies (ICT).


  • Delivers the insight and vision on technology for strategic decisions
  • Drives innovations forward as part of our service offerings to customers worldwide 
  • Conceives integral solutions on the basis of our integrated business and technological competence in the ICT sector 
  • Assesses technologies and standards and develops architectures for fixed or mobile, wired or wireless communications systems and networks
  • Provides the energy and experience of world-wide leading innovators and experts in their fields for local, national or large-scale international projects.








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