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IEEE LTE Tutorial

'LTE technology and LTE test; a deskside chat', Christina Gessner and Andreas Roessler

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the next step in the evolution of UMTS cellular networks. LTE will turn UMTS into a high-data rate, low-latency and packet-optimized mobile broadband system. The Rohde & Schwarz tutorial LTE technology and LTE test; a desk side chat will provide a comprehensive introduction to LTE technology and test requirements. The tutorial starts with some background information regarding the motivation for introducing LTE, and then gives a detailed explanation of the technology basics including physical layer parameterization, radio procedures, MIMO, and network / protocol architecture. Typical test and measurement challenges encountered during verification of chipsets, terminals and infrastructure, and network deployment are outlined as well.

Motivation for LTE
LTE technology basics
Radio procedures
LTE test requirements

'LTE technology and LTE test; a deskside chat', Christina Gessner and Andreas Roessler

LTE Technology Basics Part I
LTE Technology Basics Part II
LTE Technology Basics Part III
Radio_Procedures Part I
Radio Procedures Part II
Radio Procedures Part III
LTE Test Requirement Part I
LTE Test Requirements Part II


Evolution of UMTS FDD and TDD





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