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Industry Competence


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Industry Competence

The experience and know-how of our expert consultants are founded on the intensive long-term cooperation with clients from the widest variety of sectors. These come from large-scale industry, smaller and medium-sized companies and public sector enterprises and are leaders in their respective markets.

We focus on the telecommunications markets and the related sectors such as investors, regulatory authorities, and manufacturers. We advise the telecommunications industry. This encompasses international telecommunications companies, governments, as well as those organizations dealing with regulatory and competitive issues. We offer these clients a comprehensive, integrated consulting portfolio focusing on strategy, processes and technology.

We closely weave our knowledge of the industries with the existing competence portfolio, thereby increasing our clients’ competitiveness and making a sustained contribution to the success of their business. Our consultants have unique consulting expertise.

We support our clients at all levels of the value chain: from the infrastructure to the application systems to the reorganization of complex business processes. Target markets:






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