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Information Technology Strategy 

We advise our clients concerning all of the challenges involved in the optimal deployment and evaluation of information technologies within companies. Prominent here is the orientation towards business requirements using integrated IT strategies and sourcing concepts, application and architecture management, IT organizational structures and restructuring and efficiency improvement programs based on benchmarking.
For our clients in strategic, marketing and innovations management we compile market and impact analyses as well as technology strategies while supporting the development of innovative business models and products.
Equipped with a profound, value-oriented understanding of the technologies and the corresponding technology business markets, our consultants support you in all questions relating to 
  •  Strategic ICT Alignment & Planning
  •  Enterprise Architecture & SOA 
  •  ICT Efficiency 
  •  ICT Governance
  •  ICT Innovation & Technology Push
  •  ICT Infrastructure Strategy 
  •  ICT Assessment for Telecoms 
  •  ICT Risk & Security Management




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