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Optical LANs


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Optical LAN Service Options

  Optical LANs

LANs are highly local networks with distances on the order of 12 km. The fiber links are generally not the highest cost considerations, and the ONA (node) costs may be significant. Also, single- or dual-fiber infrastructures are more typical than larger fiber bundles.

Traffic requirements on a LAN are different from a MAN/WAN because there are fewer total ON users, and most of these are end users, not other networks. This implies that there is less aggregation and more of the traffic is bursty. In many LANs there is minimal need for circuit services, and stream traffic can be served by high-capacity packet or cell services. Also, since LANs are typically used and owned by the same organization, specialized networks are not uncommon: Internet access, real-time video or analog signal distribution are three practical applications.





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