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ATM over SDH


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  ATM over SDH Networking

The ATM Forum has defined SONET/SDH interfaces, which involve the mapping of ATM cells into an SPE. Cells are placed back to back, after the cell payload is scrambled by a 1 + X43 self-synchronous scrambler. This scrambler is in addition to the scrambler used in SONET/SDH. The scrambling process is necessary to guarantee that the SONET/SDH signal will have enough transitions to allow line rate clock recovery at the receiver.

In order to recover the cells at the receiver side ATM equipment relies on the ATM header cyclic redundancy check (CRC). Namely, the SPE is scanned, on a sliding 5-byte (ATM header size) window, and CRCs are computed. When a match occurs, synchronization is established, and the scanning stops. The next CRC is checked by jumping 53 bytes ahead, assuming back-to-back cell placement. In case of mismatch, a new synchronization scanning starts

Figure 2:           A view of ATM over SDH networking





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